6 romantic camping ideas ♥

On 14.02.23 it is time again: Valentine's Day. It's all about lovers, but also for friends and families. Are you currently traveling in a camper or planning to go camping and don't really know what to do on Valentine's Day? Don't worry. Here are a few ideas to help you out.

1. camping at home

You'd rather stay at home, but don't want to miss the feeling of camping? Then why not have a camping trip at home? You don't even need a lot for it: lay a picnic blanket or a normal blanket on the floor, make it cozy with pillows and now just prepare some snacks and drinks. And already you can camp together under the roof. Ideally, you can also use fairy lights or candles, which gives the whole thing a romantic flair.

2. outdoor cinema

What could be better than eating popcorn together and snuggling up to each other while a good movie is playing. You can make a surprise to your dearest person by preparing a movie night. There are many ways to do this: a drive-in movie theater, homemade screen, a laptop or tablet, or just your phone. You can plan something cool for any current situation. Check the Internet to find out where the nearest drive-in movie theater is. 

To make your own screen at home, all you need is a projector, a bed sheet and electricity. Hang the bed sheet in a suitable place, such as on your camper or on trees and connect the projector. You have already made your own cinema. If there is no drive-in theater nearby and you don't want to buy a projector, you can also watch a movie in the classic way using your electronic devices. For this, we advise you to charge the device well beforehand and download the movie of your choice, so that you don't have to stop the movie due to Internet problems. 

It doesn't have to be just a movie either. Of course, you can also do a movie or series marathon. Here you can fall back on many different genres. For fantasy, "Harry Potter" or "Star Wars" would be a good idea. For more action, "Die Hard", "Jurassic Park" or "The Hunger Games" series would be exciting. For comedies, "Pirates of the Caribbean" would be quite fine and for dark romance, "The Twilight Saga" would fit the bill. If you are a horror fan, you can pick any "SAW" or "Final Destination" parts. Just see for yourself what you and your partner might like and don't forget the snacks.

3. camping food

A fabulous date also includes delicious food. And instead of ordering or going out to eat, you can easily cook delicious dishes yourself. All suitable for camping.

For starters you can make a simple salad or little heart skewers. For the skewers you only have to cut cocktail tomatoes or grapes vertically and skewer them the other way around.

For the main course, you can make one-pot pastas, soups, or just your partner's favorite. Here, the feel-good factor is much more important than looks.

For dessert, you can prepare chocolate fondue. On the Internet you can find options that are heated with tea lights. Also, you can simply make cup cakes. If you are not into sweet treats, you can alternatively make stick bread. There are no limits to your imagination here either and you can pimp the dough however you like. Just imagine sitting together at the campfire with your stick bread cuddled up under the stars. That sounds dreamy!

4. ideas for bad weather

You are or want to go camping, but the weather is not playing along? Is it storming and raining? That shouldn't stop you from having a wonderful evening. Here you can also do many different activities. You can be creative together and paint something together. You can also do a little challenge here. Take a canvas or a piece of paper and start painting. After 10 minutes you switch the pictures with your partner. So you get unique creations out.

Swinging the brush is not your thing? You can also make tea and read a book together with your partner. Here, too, your interests can have free rein. You can set a certain time, where you tell your partner what has happened so far.

Also a game night would be a suitable possibility. You don't always need a console for that. Nevertheless, the perfect console would be the Nintendo Switch. It's easy to carry around and can be placed on the table. But board games or playing cards are also a nice change and don't always cost that much. You can also play music in a relaxed way and talk while doing so.

5. dancing together

Speaking of music. Make a playlist together and listen to it together. The genre can be spontaneous and mixed. If you prefer romantic music, then cuddly rock would be cool. For relaxed music, jazz could be quite pleasant. Just turn on a jukebox and dance away. Dancing together can be so nice. Here you can decorate your outdoor area with fairy lights and just feel the closeness of your partners. And if you stumble or can't dance, you can laugh together and just keep going.

6. enjoy nature

You are in the middle of the forest or want to enjoy nature to the fullest? Then plan a walk for you and your partner. Addressing deep issues hand in hand can be liberating for the soul. Along the way, you can also pick small flowers and surprise your partner. Even a chestnut can be a sweet little gift.

However, if you are more into some action and you and your partner are not frostbite sufferers, you can pack towels and tea and go ice skating. Find a nearby public lake and jump in with no clothes on. It's good for your health and boosts circulation. Getting a little kick together can also be fun and deepen your relationship.

We hope we could give you some cool tips. Please share your experiences with us. We wish you a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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